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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are You a Victim of a Scam?

Millions of people everyday are scammed. We usually do not hear about things like this, because we are apart of a much different world. There is not a news station to turn to for breaking news, a newspaper with the latest news on scams, or a reliable friend that we ask to dish the dirt.

So, of course we have lots of different people who are trying to make a quick buck, false companies claiming they could make you rich, online programs that can make you lose weight by drinking a milk shake, data entry jobs that will pay you $800 weekly with no prior experience, online surveys that state you will get paid with every survey that you submit, and all of these claims have the fastest get rich quick scheme to get you drawn into their system.

Millions of people are scammed by hearing these things everyday and only a few hundreds can regain what has been taken from them. Most of us do not know a work at home job is a scam until it happens to us and we do our research. We begin to say wow, this company really is a scam, I can’t believe this happen to this many people, and they are out rage by the decision made to join the same scam. That’s why it is important to do your research first.

In a professional work place you can ask questions and get honest answers from people you know. For example, you could ask does walmart carry fresh fruit, does target have a reasonable price on their pots and pans, or I heard you got a great deal on your new car, who was your salesperson that sold you the car. When we work in a real work environment we have the pleasure to ask these questions and get an honest response, we have confirmation for certain things we buy and do, but when working online people will tell you anything to get your money and to take everything you have. That‘s why you have to be very careful and do your research.

Some people just say I want fast money, but there is no way of getting fast money online. I’m sorry to break the bad news to you, but it is not. In order for you to make a good steady income online, you have to do your research to find what is a good fit for you.

You know I’m not going to say all companies are bad, but some of these companies are here just to get you to their website, and they have no real intention on you making any type of money

I had this one website in which I had subscribed to, by typing in my email address. Everyday I would get something from this person and he would say I’m living the good life, I have a yacht, I was able to quit my regular working job and work something I really like. I’m thinking okay, that is good and dandy but what does that do for me? So he goes on to say you know I can help you make money. I started just like you, looking online and searching for systems. After several of unsuccessful attempts to find really good work at home I finally found this amazing system that made me $800 over night, but in order for me to spill my secrets you will have to purchase my kit for only $24.98 today. But wait….If you go a head and sign up today I will cut that price in half and you can have it for only $12.49. Anytime, you hear anything like this you should hear alarms going off in your head. Well, he goes on to say, keep tuned in and you’ll be able to find my money making secret and ….

So you know I am still receiving this guy’s email and I am waiting for the big ka-boom, where he tells me what his money making secret is and he continues to send me emails that last over a couple of months and you know I came to realize this man is never going to tell me what his secrets are. He is spamming me all these emails and hyping them up with things I want to hear, things that are pleasing to my eyes, but he is never going to tell me what he does, who he is and how he makes $800 in just one night. So I eventually spam him so I would stop getting these emails and its really heartbreaking to someone who really wants to stay at home, be with her kids, and wants to make money from home.

My point is people will try to fool you with different types of things. They will make things so pleasing to the eyes that it looks so sweet, just like ice cream with a cherry on top of it.

My best advise to you will be research everything you do online. It does not hurt to research. First, let me just say to you when you research, you are not giving anyone your personal information, because research is free. Too many people like me are writing articles to help you guys so research will always be free. Secondly, once you do your research you tend to learn a little bit about the company and that is information I promise that will stay with you for a life time. If I gave you the world right now, you would not know what to do with it, because you have never had anything like this before and you do not know really how to run it, because you have not been given the tools you need to have it run successful. So if I just tell you hey I can show you how to make $800.00 in an hour, of course that will be pleasing to your eyes and if I give you all this information I have research you are going to have to take out time to read it to become successful working from home .

That’s exactly what research is,
research is taking the time out to read things, and taking the time out to get the information you need to be successful in your work at your job.
Best Wishes~
Your online work at home consultant.

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